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Fully automatic terminal crimping machine

Products description:

  • Package:Wooden case
  • Size:1300mm(W)*3500mm(L)*1250mm(H)
  • Model:HPC-5040

    Products description:

    HPC-5040 Fully automatic terminal crimping machine

    1. Machine body color depends on your choice
    2. Easy to change different specifications of wires
    3. Four processing positions, easy to change different applicators, seal insertion(both ends), coaxial cable processing  and ink inject printing
    4. Maximum wires up to 8mm2
    5. Use roller or special overlay belts to feed the wires


    Model HPC-5040
    Cutting Length 60-99999mm optionally from 30mm
    Stripping Length 0.5mm-28mm
    Cutting Accuracy ±(1.0+0.002*L)
    Wire Range 0.13-8.0mm²(AWG26-AWG8) 
    Crimping Force 2/4 Ton (options)
    Wire Feeding Speed Max 8m/s
    Power 380V50/60Hz, 220V (Customized)
    Air Source 0.5Mpa~0.7Mpa
    Air Consumption 6.5m3/h
    Dimensions 1300mm(W)×3500mm(L)×1250mm(H)
    Weight 1200Kg

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