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Coaxial wire cable stripping cutting tool

Products description:

  • Model:PCS-607
  • Size:185mm*435mm*230mm
  • Package:Wooden Case

    Products description:

    PCS-607  Coaxial wire cable stripping cutting tool

    1. Mainly using for coaxial cable and special single wire processing.

    2. The machine adopt most advanced rotation knife rest, improving the processing accuracy and speed.

    3. Adopting specific axel locating device and rotary tool way, the machine can stripping up to nine layer without changing blade to corresponding processing various sizes of wire.

    Model PCS-607
    Stripping Length 0.1-30mm
    Stripping Length Tolarance 0.1mm
    Wire Size 0.3-6.99mm
    Cutting Depth Setting Range 0.01mm
    Maximum Stripping Layer MAX.6 STEPS/1 CYCLE
    Power 220VAC 50-60HZ
    Cable Claw Tool electric
    Fuse F3AL 250V
    Dimensions  185mm(W)*435mm(L)*230mm(H)
    Weight 15 kg

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