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Automatic wire cable cutting stripping machine

Products description:

  • Model:ACS-950
  • Size:650mm*2025mm*1990mm
  • Package:Wooden Case

    Products description:

    ACS-950  Automatic wire cable cutting stripping machine

    1. Set various processing parameters of the wires by the controlling of micro computers conveniently.
    2. Stripping length and cutting depth are adjusted by knobs easily and conveniently.
    3. Special design function,such as it can delay in starting machine automatically when bundling halts,delay in clamping wires, delay in despoiling and preventing wire-pulling dithering.
    4. This machine has high efficiency like that of mechanic wire stripping machine, can be adjusted safely and conveniently, the performance of the whole machine exceeds traditional mechanic wire stripping machine completely.
    5. For long wire processing, ACS-1200 can be produced as a special order,achieving a single stroke of 1200 mm one time and improving the efficiency significantly.

    Model   ACS-950 
    Cutting Length   MAX. 99999mm, MIN. 42mm
    Stripping Length   3-30mm
    Productivity   42-52 pcs/min
    Wire range   0.08-5.0mm² ( AWG28-AWG10)
    Power   AC220V 50Hz  0.9 Kw
    Air Source   0.5-0.8MPa
    Dimensions   650mm(W)×2025mm(L)×1990mm(H)
    Weight   240Kg

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